Tim Franklin on Bass

Tim Franklin has been earning his bread on stage since 1975. He started out playing bass in a variety of rock, show and lounge bands around the Chicago area. Over the past forty-something years he has studied at four colleges, received lessons from a number of private teachers, has worked on jingles and soundtracks, and played somewhere in the area of 15,000 live gigs, ranging from jazz clubs to rock festivals. Tim’s compositions have been played by the Indiana University Jazz Band and jazz greats David Liebman and David Baker.

Tim moved to Orlando FL, in 1986 to be part of the house band at LITTLE DARLIN’S ROCK & ROLL PALACE where he played with the legends of rock and roll every night. This spawned a series of television shows on CBS and ABC, and landed two series on The Nashville Network, LITTLE DARLIN’S ROCK & ROLL PALACE’ and Wolfman Jacks’ Classic Rock.

After touring the world in the early 90’s, and spending almost a year in Japan with his own band and backing various headliners, Tim became the band leader at a New York style supper club in Orlando, featuring jazz and pop vocalists and himself fronting and singing until he was asked to join the house band at the new HARD ROCK LIVE THEATER at UNIVERSAL STUDIOS FLORIDA. Along with his brother Mike (Music director, for Wolfman Jack shows and many others), Liberty DiVitto (Billy Joel), Charlie DeChant (Hall & Oates), and a cast of All Star musicians.

Continuing to perform in that band and Rockin’ Robin, he and his brother Mike were producing so many recordings, Mike decided to open Solar Studios where they are working as you read this. Tim is also still on call for several jazz and rock bands in the area, as well as some Disney shows.

You can find many recordings of Tim on the Solar Music label at www.solarmusic.com